Ansul Sinha

Hi everyone!

To introduce myself, I am a junior at the University of Washington studying Informatics: Data Science. When I was in high school, I founded Buzzling because I believed in the power of technology, and I still do. I intend to integrate technology and humanity (design) to create and innovate products.

And like most teenagers (when I was one), I was obsessed with my phone. I am a believer that technology makes us more social by connecting us with a wider audience. It all started when I started blogging back in 2010. I made a tumblr and shared all my ideas there. I’d receive positive comments and constructive criticism, and that’s when technology truly opened its doors to me. I made some online friends all over the world, and while I didn’t share much personal information for safety reasons, I did share my thoughts and beliefs. In return, I got so many new perspectives. I became aware of current, global issues, and debating politics became a pivotal part of my life. I knew my friends’ perspectives- they didn’t always offer me new insight, but strangers with completely different experiences? From them, I learned so much. I’m more openminded and understanding to different perspectives and traditions, and I have technology to thank.

People say technology has hindered us, but I think it can boost us. If you think technology diminishes communication, I think you’re not using it right.

Opportunity knocked, and technology opened the door to limitless possibilities. I saw another possibility with Buzzling, and I hope you see it too.