After having been told so many times being by my parents that I was becoming anti-social because I was always on my phone, I gave it a serious thought and realized that I was not anti-social. In fact, I was very social- it’s just that all the socialization was happening on my phone. That’s when I got the idea for Buzzling, an application that can instantly connect me to people around me.

What made me think about this application is that most people look down upon technology. They say it takes away from actual communication, hindering physical face-to-face contact, but technology doesn’t have to do that. Buzzling is going to promote conversation, but now, it will be in people’s comfort zones, which I think will be one of the biggest benefits to the people.

The thing about this application is that it brings time and location in the same realm. Instead of a random stranger online, you can physically meet the other person. Buzzling works best for ephemeral or short-lived moments. 

Technology has long been blamed for breaking interpersonal relationships and human interactions, and creating a so called "generation of idiots" who prefer to interact with technology (phone, tablets, computers) than with fellow human beings. In reality, people want quality interaction with other people where there is some compatibility and shared interests (not to mention, over 50% of adults identify as too shy to start conversations with strangers). Technology has provided that platform where they can connect to do just that, whenever they want, where ever they are. Buzzling is going to use that technology, but with a twist.